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Urgam valley

The Urgam valley is known as his natural and spiritual beauty. The valley is situated among the shape of V of the hills. It is the 12 Km from Helong national highway of Rishikesh Badrinath. Currently there are under construction 12 Km link motor roads Helong to Urgam. Urgam valley has also famous to his local crop pluses (local white Rajma, brown Rajma), bean, potatoes and amaranths. Before four and five years ago the valley also rich for their apricots, and apple production, due to globalization and without snow fall the apples orchards are dry.

The valleys have better options for rural tourism, because the last Kedar of Panch Kedar’s Kalpeshwar temple is situated here. The temple of Kalpeshwar builds Pandava, its description also in the famous religious book Kedarkhanda. The temple of lord Shiva, where we seeing and touch the matted hair (jata) of Shivlinga. The temple is on the hill and covered the big cave, under the temple are flew river Hirnaywati, which is meet river Alaknanda in Helong and called the place Tirveni. This is not only a famous pilgrim; in the valley have many other historical and tourism temples likes Kedar dyul and Gora devi dyul temple, Nandi Nagkotha, Vishwkarma temple, Banga pani, Kalp Vriksha, Indra dhara, Amrit kund, Ghantakarana temple, Nanda devi temple, and Dhyan Badri temple. Dhyan Badri temple is comes under the Panch Badri temple.

Dhyan Badri temple is reputedly built in 12th centaury under the guidance and direction of Adi Jagat Guru Shankaracharya, who also founded four Dham in different place of India. The temple is decorated by fine art works in stone and the temple is built on the same as the same of Sri Badrinath temple. The temple is lord Vishnu. During the ancient when the temple of closed Sri Badrinath in winter, devotees offer prayers here to the Lord Vishnu. Around of the temple Dhyan Badri have other temple in the west Kashi Viswanath, Ghantakarna temple in the north, Chandika temple in the south and Kuber Dhara are in the east. Demri family is the priests of the Dhyan Badri temple, who are also the chief priests of Laxmi temple in Sri Badrinath.

The valley is also among the most of trekking root likes Urgam to Rudrnatha , Ansuya Mata temple in Mandal and Tungnatha temple in Chopta a famous high Himalayan areas. Highest and long trek of Madhayameshwara temples and Sona Shikahr high altitude trek also start from Urgam. After the start of month August we can see many kinds of flower, Brahma Kamal, fen Kamal and wild life on these treks.

Urgam valley is also rich for its local cultural like’s folk art, folk dance and local mela (event). Communities of the valley are organized local mela over all the year; most of the mela’s are eleven days Shiva Parvati Vivah, Bansinarayan mela, Shivratri mela, Fulanarayan mela, and Nandastami mela and mukhota dace. During the mela’s women and men sing local song and do their traditional dance chacdi, dakudi and jumelo. In this scientific era peoples of the valley also believe his local God also called Gram devta, everything of problems face peoples descended his Gram devta people’s happiness. So here are many options for make a good tourism village of Urgam valley. Every year over of 500 to 600 pilgrims/tourists, trekkers came to here.